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Episode 3: Snow Falls.

The annoyed comment of James' fiancee, "I told you the Troll Road would have been quicker" says so much in a few words. It tells us that there seems to be a bit of tension, or at least a lack of passion, in her relationship with James. It also gives us a wonderful link between the worlds. We expect the Enchanted Forest to have bridges with Trolls under them so the familiar pun of "Troll Bridge" with "Toll Bridge" is also expected (we will even see that someone in Storybrooke has added some graffiti to the "Toll Bridge" sign so that it reads "Troll Bridge"). Players of Dungeons and Dragons, Adventure, and other fantasy games will recall that bridges often included a sign reminiscent of modern toll bridges which said "Stop. Pay troll." Now the toll bridge pun is extended to a toll road as well, so we now have a "Troll Road"!

James cry to the fleeing Snow White, "Wherever you are, I will find you" echoes her line when he awoke her at the beginning of the pilot and she said "You found me." We will hear variations on it repeated throughout this episode, along with his reply, "I will always find you," reminding us that that this scene will be repeated in several different settings. In the same way, they will both repeat the lines "You saved me" and "It seemed the honorable thing to do" as they find themselves growing more attracted to each other.

The contrast between Snow's character in FTL and Snow talks with James Mary Margaret's in Storybrooke is striking. Snow is bold and assertive where Mary Margaret is quiet and timid. I love the fact that "Prince Charming" was originally a sarcastic appellation! It is also something of a surprise to hear Snow so boldly admit that she has done something to incur the wrath of the Queen when she tells James "She blames me for ruining her life" and he asks "Did you?." The power of her one word answer,"Yes", is a very effective way to end the scene.

The conversation in the diner between Emma and Henry shows us that even though Henry is very bright he is still a kid who can be completely oblivious to irony. When Emma is surprised that Regina believed Henry's deception about where he is, Henry says "She wants to believe it so she does" and Emma replies "Imagine that" but Henry doesn't seem to recognize that she is referring to his belief in the curse.

Regina's comment to Emma, Regina talks to Emma "Not having someone - that's the worst curse imaginable." works on many levels. She says she is grateful to have Henry in her life, which at the same time reminds Emma that she has no one in her life. But we also are reminded that in FTL the Evil Queen was warned that enacting the curse would leave her with an emptiness inside her, suggesting that she would have no one to love. Of course, we have also seen Mary Margaret's isolation in this episode. All of this is then recalled when we see that Emma, after initially refusing Mary Margaret's offer of a room and preferring to stay Emma and Mary Margaret at the bug on her own even though it meant sleeping in her car, is now prepared to accept the offer and move in with Mary Margaret.

Favorite line:

Regina: "Do you know what insubordination means? It means you're grounded."

Characters in Episode 3:Snow Falls
Fairy Tale Name Storybrooke NameNotes on Names
Prince Charming (James)David Nolan King David of Israel was a shepherd who became king.
Snow WhiteMary Margaret Blanchard Blanchard is derived from the French "blanc", meaning "white".
Evil QueenRegina Mills "Regina" is Latin for "Queen".The woman who promised her child to Rumplestiltskin was a miller's daughter.
- none - Henry Mills Henry is derived from "Henricus", meaning "ruler of the homeland". Henricus Cornelius Agrippa wrote influential works on magic in the 16th century.
Emma Emma Swan The Ugly Duckling who became a swan?
?Sheriff Graham-
Red Riding HoodRubyRubies are red.
?Dr. Whale -
GrumpyLeroy"Le Roi" is French for "the king". Is Grumpy the leader of the seven dwarves?
James' fianceeKathryn Nolan-